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Playa Santa

by nivaxel
Playa Santa

Playa Santa in Guánica, Puerto Rico, is a beachgoer's haven renowned for its beautiful blue waters and ideal sunset views. This public beach stretches thin but long, offering a variety of water sports activities and the perfect setting to unwind and soak up the sun. Its light-colored, fine sand and a roped-off swimming area make it an inviting spot for families and solo travelers alike. Although facilities are minimal, nearby restaurants provide amenities and add to the beach's charm with local flavors and refreshments.
Situated in the southern part of Puerto Rico, Guánica is famously known for the Guánica State Forest & Biosphere Reserve, but its coastal line, including Playa Santa, presents a refreshing contrast to the dry and hot conditions often associated with the region. The beach's popularity with locals means it can get lively, especially on weekends and holidays, turning it into a vibrant social scene.
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1 minutes
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Guánica 00647
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  • Playa Santa
  • Playa Santa
  • Playa Santa
  • Playa Santa
  • Playa Santa
  • Playa Santa
  • Playa Santa


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